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At Focus Technologies, we service the full line of Epson dot-matrix printers. We can provide ribbons and extended warranties as offered by Epson and we are one of only three Epson Authorized Service Centers in the Northern Illinois region. Call (630) 889-8665 for prices today.

Epson makes a wide variety of dot-matrix (impact) printers to match the needs of many different businesses. The LQ series provides quality output at a reasonable price with a 24-pin system in both narrow and wide carriage formats.

The LX, FX and DFX printers are the high-volume industry leaders. The LX300+ prints up to 337 characters per second using up to 5-part paper. It has built-in parallel and serial ports and is backed by a two-year warranty.

The FX-890N has built in networking capabilities, a narrow carriage and prints up to 680 cps on up to 7-part paper. While the FX 2190N has similar capabilities and a wide format.

The DFX printers are made for those businesses with high-speed, high-volume and wide carriage needs. The DFX-9000 printer will print at up to 1550 cps on anything from labels to 10-part forms. It is backed by a one-year on-site warranty with extended warranty packages available for purchase during the original warranty period.

LQ-590, LQ2090, FX890, FX890N, DFX-8500 and DFX-9000  
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